Jaw-Dropping Moments: 7 Champions Keep Your Carries Alive

Jaw-Dropping Moments: 7 Champions Keep Your Carries Alive

League of Legends is all about those jaw-dropping moments – Pentakills, flashy plays, and awe-inspiring abilities. But let’s face it, sometimes our favorite champs end up face-down on the Rift without making a dent in the enemy team. The secret? It’s all about peeling.

Jaw-Dropping Moments: What is Peeling?

Peeling is like being a bodyguard for your carries. It’s the art of making sure your Jinx or Cassiopeia can do their thing without getting obliterated by the enemy Zed or Darius. Think of it as giving your damage-dealers a VIP pass to survive teamfights.

Jaw-Dropping Moments: The Thin Line

In those crucial moments, when a teamfight can make or break the game, the difference between victory and defeat is as thin as a strand of Yasuo’s hair. Playing certain champions can make that line thicker, increasing the chances of your carries staying alive and dominating the battlefield.

Jaw-Dropping Moments: The Top 7 Peelers

Let’s dive into the League’s lifeguards – the Top 7 champions who excel at peeling:

  1. Zyra – The Thorny Guardian Zyra may be known for her plant buddies, but she’s also a master at keeping enemies at bay. Her roots and knock-ups can turn the tide of a fight, creating a safe space for your damage-dealers.
  2. Alistar – The Headbutt Hero Alistar charges in, headbutting threats away from your carries. His crowd control abilities can disrupt enemy plans and give your team the upper hand in teamfights.
  3. Lulu – The Whimsical Protector Lulu’s enchanting magic turns your carries into unstoppable forces. With polymorphs and shields, she ensures that your damage-dealers dance through teamfights untouched.
  4. Zilean – The Time-Twisting Savior Zilean doesn’t just mess with time; he also messes with your opponent’s plans. His ability to revive fallen allies and control the pace of a fight makes him a crucial peeler.
  5. Braum – The Unbreakable Shield Braum is a living shield, blocking incoming damage and crowd controlling enemies with his sturdy presence. His protective abilities can turn the tide of any skirmish in your team’s favor.
  6. Nami – The Tidal Guardian Nami brings the waves to your aid, healing and crowd controlling enemies. Her versatile kit makes her a fantastic choice for those who want to keep their carries afloat.
  7. Thresh – The Chain Warden Topping the list is Thresh, the Chain Warden. His hooks, lantern, and crowd control make him the ultimate peeling support. Thresh ensures that your carries not only survive but thrive in the heat of battle.


In the chaotic world of League of Legends, peeling is the unsung hero that allows your damage-dealers to shine. Whether it’s Zyra’s thorns, Alistar’s headbutts, or Thresh’s chains, these champions are the guardians your carries need. So, next time you’re on the AGENGACOR  Rift, consider picking one of these top peeling champions to be the lifeline your team deserves.