Worker Pees in Tsingtao Beer Tank After Fight

Imagine someone peeing into a big tank full of stuff to make Tsingtao beer, a famous Chinese brand. That’s what happened recently, and it became really popular on social media with millions of views.

Who Did It

The person who did this got caught and is now in trouble, according to officials. This happened at a factory in Pingdu, China. The worker responsible, named Mr. Cui, was helping to unload malt from a truck when this strange event unfolded.


Argument Leads to Trouble

This whole situation began with an argument between Mr. Cui and a truck driver over moving the vehicle. As the argument heated up, Mr. Cui did something really odd. He climbed into an empty malt container and peed in it.

Caught on Camera

The truck driver witnessed the whole thing and filmed it. Later, the video was shared on Douyin, similar to China’s version of TikTok, and it got a lot of attention.

Consequences for Mr. Cui

Tsingtao took action regarding this incident. They said that Mr. Cui was put in administrative detention for damaging property. This means the police got involved, and he could be held for about five to fifteen days. Additionally, he received a warning and a fine.

Not a Direct Employee

It’s important to note that Mr. Cui wasn’t a direct Tsingtao employee. He actually worked for a company that helps Tsingtao with certain tasks.

Improving Quality Control

Following this strange incident, Tsingtao announced that they’re taking steps to prevent similar events in the future. They plan to keep a closer eye on their workers to ensure the beer remains good.

They’ve also pledged to fix what they called “loopholes in the management of raw material transportation.” The malt containers involved in the incident have been sealed and won’t be used.

So, after this bizarre and not-so-clean incident, Tsingtao is making sure their beer stays tasty, and they’re working to prevent things like this from happening again.